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A part of our solutions, regardless of if you host with us or not, is regular web maintenance services built into most of our affordable rates. A common question we get from clients is what is the purpose behind the website maintenance? So here is an idea of the services we provide and why is it important.

1. Server & Uptime monitoring

Server Monitoring is the process of monitoring all the system resources associated with the server in order to understand their resource usage patterns and optimize them accordingly to provide a better end-user experience. We ensures that your server is capable of hosting your applications by providing sufficient data relating to the performance of your operating system, thereby providing complete application and network server monitoring, and gives you a proper glance into the working of your

2. Ongoing & features development

With ongoing development, new features are developed and deployed quickly with automated processes in place. As a result, the speed that companies are able to test new iterations is drastically improved.

Ongoing development allows us to quickly introduce new code, gain actionable feedback, and reduce the amount of time between development and deployment.

3. CI/CD DevOps tools setup

DevOps has become the default answer to fixing software development processes that are slow, siloed, or otherwise dysfunctional.

Basic steps to the setup

Step 1: CI/CD framework

The first thing you need is a CI/CD tool. Jenkins, an open source, Java-based CI/CD tool based on the MIT License, is the tool that popularized the DevOps movement and has become the de facto standard.

Step 2: Source control management
The best (and probably the easiest) way to verify that your CI/CD tool can perform some magic is by integrating with a source control management (SCM) tool.

Step 3: Build automation tool
No matter which build tool you decide to use, all build automation tools have a shared goal: to build the source code into some desired format and to automate the task of cleaning, compiling, testing, and deploying to a certain location.

Step 4: Web application server
For any application to be truly useful, it has to provide some kind of a service or an interface, but you need a vessel to host your application. For a web application, a web application server is that vessel. 

Step 5: Code testing coverage
Implementing code test pieces can be another cumbersome requirement, but developers need to catch any errors in an application early on and improve the code quality to ensure end users are satisfied.

There are two parts to code testing: code testing frameworks that help write and run the tests, and code quality suggestion tools that help improve code quality.

4. Network security and Performance

Any business that maintains a network or series of networks in its infrastructure needs to keep network security in mind. Enterprises use networks to deliver data, files, applications, etc. from one location to another.

The information that travels through a network is, more often than not, business-critical or sensitive. If something happens to that data as it crosses the network, it could potentially compromise the network, any devices connected to it, or your entire business.

Other Services we are expert at

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  • Site audit
  • MVP consulting
  • Dev process consulting
  • Technical architecture
  • Technical architecture
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Design icon-2


  • User personas
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Responsive strategy
  • Usability testing
  • User experience
  • Brand guidelines
  • Development icon-2


  • Publishing / eCommerce sites
  • WP CMS based development
  • JS Web Apps development
  • Mobile Apps development
  • AR / VR Apps development
  • Product development
  • Marketing icon-2


  • ASO & SEO solutions
  • Social media handling/promotion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Strategic consulting
  • Video creation/promotion
  • Content uploader
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    Staff Augmentation

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  • Low & honest rates
  • Agile SCRUM process
  • Constant communication
  • Timezone flexibility
  • Complete privacy (NDA)
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