Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

As we all know, the world is now turned into a global village due to the modern technologies we have. We can connect with people anywhere in the world very effortlessly. We can share the information with anyone more effectively than ever before, making it easier to generate brand awareness or promote our services. 

Here we have top Digital Marketing trends for 2020 which helps in bringing the best results for your brand or services in 2020.

1. Influencers in marketing strategy

Influence marketing is to have a tie-up or hire a person who is recognized or followed by thousands of people, he can drive our brand’s message to a large number of people in the market. This method is one of the most effective methods to drive consumer’s attention to our brand or services.

2. Video Content Marketing

It means that whenever we plan to buy some products we search for their product reviews online, and for reviews, we mostly prefer video over any other form of content.

When a survey is done 80-85% of people claim that when they plan to purchase any product or services they usually refer to online searches and video descriptions. And more than 60% say that online video helped them understand which specific brand or item to buy.

Video is becoming a non-negotiable way of connecting with audiences, as a way to tell a brand’s story, relate to them in a truly organic way, and provide real solutions to help them in their daily lives.

3. Voice Assistants

As technology continues its growth rapidly we can see people using smartphones with voice assistants. Voice assistants feature like Google, Alexa, and Siri are useful in the digital world. 

As we know that voice assistants help in searching the things we look for, the information we dig for and even voice dictate text messages for us without taking the phone, a complete hand-free solution.

Voice search also increases the value of local SEO and helps in the growth of a mobile-friendly environment. Voice search also boosts the use of Artificial Intelligence and prioritizes semantics of searches.

4. Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine-learning algorithms are designed to make our work much easier, and that includes optimizing our online advertising campaigns.

Ad placement, media buying, performance tracking, and customer targeting can all be handled by software. Not only do the results tend to be better, but “outsourcing” these tasks to a bot also frees up our time in the schedule to handle more important tasks. It’s automation at its best.

5. Use of ArtifChat-botsicial Intelligence

Chat-bots is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software that can chat with the customers visiting on our website/application and it has the potential to answer the queries led by the visitors. By integrating a chat-bot into your platform/service will help you in reducing your customer inquiry response time. We can integrate chat-bots on a website, web applications, and mobile applications. It will help in enhancing the customer experience.

Start trying it today or stay behind where you are now…

As we all know technologies are moving faster nowadays, along with that digital marketing methods are also changed. To grow your business you have to fight with your competitors in marketing. Adopt the latest methods in digital marketing and stay on top of the market. Video marketing, AI, Chat-bots, Voice assistance, and Influence marketing are the leading upcoming marketing trends.

To know more about the marketing trends contact us. we can guide you on how to reach your product/service on top in the industry.

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