Best 10 WordPress SEO Tips to Improve Organic  Traffic

Reading time about 4 mins
Reading Time: 4 minutes

WordPress SEO helps to improve a website’s rankings on search engines and drive higher organic traffic. In this guide we will list out 10 Best WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks to improve organic traffic for any website. There are multiple methods, steps, Tips and tricks in website optimization. Here We will try to explain the process starting  from setting up the SEO Friendly Website to improving the content, loading speeds and Keyword optimization of the website.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a process of optimizing web pages and improve the rank in SERPs ( Search engine results page ) and showing results for users searching for something precise. Implementation of SEO Strategies can help website perform better and drive higher organic traffic. In fact, there are more than 50% Click through rates on  the Top 3 Pages for a search query.

Additionally, websites with good SEO strategy increases website’s visibility and credibility, resulting in more conversions.
There are multiple crawler bots on search engines that scan websites to find fresh and updated content. They rank the websites based on multiple factors. So these SEO Tips for WordPress will help in achieving your ranking goals !
Now we will list out 10 important points to implement for better organic traffic on your wordPress website.

  1. Keyword Research – You know what ? Google algorithm relies on keywords to rank websites. So This makes it super important to be a kick- Ass in Keyword Research so you can use specific keywords for your website & rank higher ! There are also many tools for advanced keyword research. Some of the best tools are SEMRush, Ubersuggest,, Google Trends, and even Google keyword planner; they do SEO keyword research for you. this will give you a basic idea of what people are searching for and what is trending. Keyword research helps you to determine the user intent while the user is searching for any services and products.
  2. SEO Friendly Plugins & Themes – Plugins are  extensions to improve website’s functionality and rank higher in google search. Although WordPress is already optimized for SEO but still we recommend using SEO plugins for advanced level optimization ! Plugins you can use are
    Like Plugins, it’s necessary to choose a perfect themes as well. You should choose a theme that has clean code, not complicated for the website’s performance and has a plugin compatibility. Themes like DIVI, genesis ,astra , generate press can be perfect for any kind of website.Test your theme before installing it to screen it for potential issues. Use an SEO or speed test tool, such as or SEO Site Checkup, to check your theme’s SEO-friendliness.
  3. Use an SSL Certificate and www-  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology that encrypts the connection between a site and a browser. Having an SSL-certified domain will help secure your WordPress website, improving its ranking on search engines.When a domain is SSL-certified, its URL starts with https:// instead of http://. In addition, the browser displays a padlock icon next to the address.The next step in making your website SEO-friendly is to decide if you’ll use the www subdomain. Google considers www and non-www domains separate URLs. Settling on one format will help increase ranking.
  4. Good Permalink Structure – Every web page has its own permalink. A clean permalink structure will help users and search engine crawlers navigate your site, improving its SEO. You should always use a clean and readable permalinks rather than ones with random letters and numbers.
    WordPress uses the default ID number as the permalink for a page, such as

    Choose the tags based on the type of your website. For example, news sites often include the date and title in a URL. Meanwhile, online stores’ permalinks usually consist of the category and post name.
  5. Using Google Search console & Google Analytics – There are various WordPress SEO tools and plugins available. Utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help your website perform better on SERPs. These tools will provide you with real-time performance and audience data which is essential for SEO. You can go through this Complete Google search console guide here.
  6. High quality Content and image- Good, unique, shareable, and relevant content is still the king of SEO. Keeping every point aside, quality rich content is the life of your website. For high quality content , you can hire Professional Content writers and Content Marketing experts and they will do all the work for you ! Always use Alt tag and a title tag to any image and optimize so it takes less loading time.
  7. Visual Stability and Page load speed – It measures the number of unusual layout shifts on your website. The ideal time for layout shift should be less than 1 second; anything more than that is poor or needs improvement.
  8. Using proper Tags and Categories – You should organise your website with proper Tags and categories. A lot of your information can be better organised and classified with the help of categories. It is possible that a website for “shoes” might have a section for high tops. Because tags aren’t organised in any way, you can use them to describe your content even more. Having street-style shoes could be a tag. In order to lay the groundwork for your website, pick a few big groups. Even if your site is just a blog, you should put them in your category.
  9. Enable Breadcrumbs & Schema Markup – Enabling breadcrumbs can improve proper navigation of the website. They are the links that show the path and location on the website. Mostly used in content heavy websites with more pages and blogs ! Breadcrumbs helps visitors navigate a website which ultimately improve the SEO Performance ! Schema markup is a code that can be added to your website. Because of this, the information shown on the google search page is enhanced, and it will be more informative.
  10. Optimizing Headings, Title tags, Meta tags and meta descriptions – Improving SEO doesn’t limit to the technical setup only. On-Page SEO like creating and using appropriate headings, title tags, meta descriptions and improving the content can help in accelerating the growth to a new high level !

So these are the Best Initial Tips for WordPress SEO to improve organic traffic and also performance upto a high level. SEO is a long-term process and the results cannot be instant. You need to wait for the fruit to be ripe, to eat it. Identically, in this case, as well you have to trust the process and the results will show up eventually.

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