Latest UX/UI Design Trends 2023 – Updated

User’s expectations are always changing and so are the trends in technology. Some trends become outdated, while others come along. So the way out for designers is to actually check them out from time to time to offer something new for the clients. 

Let’s explore the latest UX/UI design trends for the year 2021 ! 

1.Dark Mode

 One of the most rising web design trends is the use of Dark themes. It is about changing the contrast levels and brightness of the User Interface design. The design elements look modern and stand out well which makes the design soothing for the eyes. 

Many applications are shifting their focus towards embracing this trend post the announcement of Dark Theme Modes by iOS and Android. The trend also has a positive effect on the User Experience (UX) as it helps in reducing the strain on the eyes. Thus, gaining popularity everyday. 


This design trend is very similar to the watermark setting. In this, the User Interface (UI) elements are placed behind the image background.

In the last few years, the concept of Skeuomorphism or human-centered design was getting popular in the design world but recently simplistic design patterns have gained traction such as Neomorphism and Flat design. The concept of Neomorphism is all about using solid color patterns with a blend of shadowing effects and right contrasts. Once a user selects an element, it protrudes out and appears like it is coming out of the screen. The thumb rule of Neomorphism is to keep the color same for UI elements and the background. These days product designs are predominantly relying on the concept of Neomorphism. 

3.Illustrative Design

In the Illustrative design trend the images are created using computer graphics and connected using curves or lines to give an identifiable shape. This UX/UI design trend is also known as Vector graphics. Currently, a lot of web designers are relying on vector artwork due to its unique and sophisticated look. These vector-driven designs are ideal for keeping the design minimalistic and conveying the message to the onlookers. 

4.Data Visualization 

Data is highly responsible for gaining the faith of the users and therefore needs to be represented accordingly. When it comes to a better User Experience and showing information clearly, Data visualization has always been a trend. The most common type of data visualization is use of graphs, charts and maps. Recently, Infographics or Information graphics is a rising trend which translates complex data into a visual medium that is highly engaging and easy to understand. 

With the use of infographics for UI design, designers make data very simple, interactive and easily shareable. Thus, making it easy for the users to take advantage of the critical information and make decisions accordingly. 

Glass Morphism

It is the newest UX/UI design trend which is growing in popularity. The concept revolves around an effect called background blur which was first introduced by iOS 7 in the year 2013 and back then highly liked by people. As it creates a ‘through the glass’ look and feel on the elements, the design trend is called Glass Morphism.

Few defining characteristics of the trend are:

  • Transparency – glass effect using blur background. 
  • A Multi-layered approach – objects appear as if floating in space. 
  • Use of Vivid Colors – to highlight the blurred transparency. 
  • A subtle, light border – for better design and visibility. 

Glass Morphism is used by Apple in its mobile OS and by Microsoft fluent design system. Also, Apple is introducing the trend in its upcoming Operating System called the Big Sur which will definitely make it more popular in the years to come. 

The Trends in UX/UI keep on evolving with advancements in technology and so is the demand for the UX designers. The truth is that we humans easily get bored with a trend and therefore every few years the pendulum swings to the other side. A UX/UI designer needs to explore all the creative ways to make a product because at the end a good design is all about fun and delivering things that are exceptional ! 

At Diginnovators, our team of UX/UI designers believe in making products that are less complex and more seamless. It is not necessary to put all the trends in one product; Instead we believe in staying updated with the latest design trends and applying one that best suits business requirements and user expectations.

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