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Finnable, a dynamic fintech platform, emerged in response to the growing demand for accessible and user-centric financial solutions. Their vision is to democratize finance by offering an array of services, including loans, investment opportunities, and financial management tools, tailored to diverse user needs.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • QA & Software Testing
  • Maintenance and Support


Complex Financial Jargon: Understanding financial terms and products can be challenging for the average user. The platform might need to simplify information and use language that’s easy to comprehend for all users, regardless of their financial expertise.

Security Concerns: Users might worry about the safety of their financial information. Ensuring robust security measures and transparent communication about data protection is crucial to build trust.

Clarity in Product Offerings: The platform offers various financial products (loans, investments, PF etc.), and users might find it challenging to navigate through these options and understand which best suits their needs.Ease of Use: The website’s interface and usability can present challenges if it’s not intuitive or user-friendly. Complicated navigation or unclear instructions might hinder users from efficiently utilizing the platform’s services.


Diginnovators embarked on a comprehensive analysis of Finnable’s user behavior, preferences, and pain points. We began with in-depth consultations and a thorough analysis of user behavior and market trends. Leveraging their expertise, they devised a multifaceted solution focusing on enhancing the platform’s usability and revamping the overall user experience.

The key intervention was the development of the website for Finnable. The design aimed to optimize navigation, simplify processes, and introduce intuitive features to encourage user interaction. The website underwent rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality across devices and browsers. Understanding Finnable’s objectives and user preferences formed the cornerstone of our strategy.

Project Approach

We crafted a meticulous plan, prioritizing user-centric design, seamless navigation, and mobile responsiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and adhering to industry best practices, we initiated the website development following with maintenance.

User-Centric Design: We focused on creating an intuitive interface, simplifying complex financial processes, and highlighting key services for easy access.

Enhanced Functionality: Introducing new features, such as financial calculators, and streamlined application processes, aimed to enrich user experience.

Mobile Optimization: Ensuring a seamless experience across devices was pivotal, optimizing the website for mobile users to enhance accessibility and convenience.

Performance: Rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee optimal performance, and compatibility across browsers and devices.

Security and Compliance: Implemented robust security measures and ensured compliance with financial regulations to safeguard user data.

Educational Resources: Offered comprehensive guides and resources to empower users with financial knowledge.Innovation in Services: Introduced innovative financial products and services, leveraging technology to cater to evolving user demands.

Working with Diginnovators has been instrumental in presenting an engaging and dynamic website to our consumers. Their team’s innovative approach and continuous support have been pivotal in enhancing our online presence. The reliability of their service stands out, particularly in how they consistently provide timely support and introduce valuable add-on features when needed. This adaptability and commitment to excellence have not only met but exceeded our expectations, making our collaboration with Diginnovators a significant factor in our success.

S K Prasad
VP Marketing, Finnable


The impact of Diginnovators’ intervention was transformative. The website led to a substantial increase in user engagement metrics. The intuitive interface, coupled with functionalities, attracted users, keeping them engaged for longer durations. User feedback indicated a notable improvement in satisfaction, with praises for the platform’s improved ease of use and efficiency. 

The launch of the yielded exceptional results. The new website witnessed a dramatic turnaround in user engagement metrics:

  • Increase in user sessions within a few months.
  • Surge in user interactions per session, indicating improved user involvement.
  • A significant drop in bounce rates, reflecting increased user retention and interest.

Furthermore, Finnable reported a noticeable uptick in conversion rates, with more users navigating through the site and successfully completing desired actions.


The collaboration between Finnable and Diginnovators resulted in a resounding success. The website not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned Finnable as a more user-friendly and accessible financial services platform. This case exemplifies the transformative power of strategic website development in enhancing user engagement and driving business growth within the competitive landscape of online financial services.


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