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Search Engine Optimization/ SEO
SEO is a practice or process of optimizing your website to get organic website traffic from search engine results. SEO involves some certain changes that every website has to follow to make website SEO friendly. These changes include website design, pages URL, Image optimization, and content…etc.

SEO marketing contains mainly 2 parts,
i) On-page SEO, and
ii) Off-page SEO.

Going forward we will discuss On-Page & Off-Page SEO.

i) On-Page SEO

On-Pages SEO is a method of optimizing each webpage on your website to rank higher on search results. Google wants quality pages that rank highly in on-page SEO. On-Page SEO includes content and HTML source code optimization.
The main factors include in On-Page SEO are,

1) Content: The content we use on our page should be unique, simple and it should the keywords we are focusing on. The better and effective place to place the keywords in the first paragraph of the content. Content must at least contain 300 words, Google is suggesting 300+ wordings in a page to index your page.

2) URL Structuring: URL structuring means, aligning the words used in the URL by adding the most relevant keywords so that end-users and search engines can easily understand what’s on that page. And users can easily remember the page URL.

3) H1 Tag: H1 tag is one of the most relevant factors in SEO. Whenever a new page is created or added to your website, you have to make sure that the main headings are in the H1 tag. H1 tag helps the search engines and users to understand whats the page is about.

4) Image Alt Tag: Image Alt Tag means giving an alternate name for the image if an image is not showing, in other words when an image fails to load in a screen or on a browser, the screen-reading tool helps the user to understand what the image is about if we add “image alt tag”. This text will appear instead of the image if the image is not loading. Adding an image alt tag (image attribute) will help the search engine to crawl better and rank your website. Try to give keywords as image alt tags, but it doesn’t mean we have to do keyword stuffing. Preferred word count for alt tag is a maximum of 4 words.

5) Meta Title & Description: Meta Title tag is the text shown in the search results when we search in a browser. This same title you can see on the top of the browser when we open a page or a website. Always give the most relevant keywords in the meta title so when people search with a keyword that is related to our service our page will appear on the search result.

Meta Description is a snippet that shows on the search result page. It contains the text that summarizes what the page or website contains. Meta Description is also a major factor in On-page SEO. When someone searches with a keyword or phrases, the search result will contain the pages that have those keywords or phrases on the description. Meta description should contain a maximum of 155-160 characters.

ii) Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is an action or a few steps that take place outside your website that can contribute to ranking your website on top of the search results. Off-Page SEO includes:

1) Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing, in simple words we can say marketing your products or services on social media platforms to reach out to your potential audience in deep.

2) Influence Marketing:

Influence marketing is another type of marketing strategy which has been done for the last decade, but those times it was done by celebrities through their social pages. And now influence marketing is done by the individuals who are having more social followers and recognized by their niches in society. ( (or) people who are more familiar in society by sharing their thoughts and ideas. ). 

3) Creating Backlinks:

Backlinks are the links that we use to connect with a page on another website. Creating backlinks will help our website to rank top on search engines. Pages with a high number of backlinks are considered to get top rank on the organic search result. Getting backlinks from other websites is a type of getting recognition about the content we have or the product or the service we offer is valuable. 

Creating backlinks play an important role in SEO on our website.

Through guest posting we can build backlinks.