Social media handling/promotion

       Social Media Marketing,  in simple words we can say marketing your products or services on social media platforms to reach out to your potential audience in dept to increase your brand value, sales, and drive website traffic. We can achieve this by publishing valuable content on relevant social platforms, engaging with your followers with live chat or live videos, and running social media campaigns like Facebook and Instagram campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, and Twitter. 

Major social platforms where we can market our business are,

   a) Google My Business:

As a part of local SEO, one important step is, register and verify your local business in Google My Business. Getting listed on Google My Business can increase the chance of showing your business in Google Maps, Local Finder, Google’s Local Pack, and organic ranking in google search engine. In Google My Business we can give our company information like Services/Products, location, business working hours, address, phone number, and payment method. Another big advantage of Google My Business is that our customers can write a review on our business page. As we all know, nowadays people are buying a product or visiting a store based on the reviews they read or the rating they see on the service or product on search results. 

   We have many more features in Google My Business like we can set events, post posters, booking, and messaging…etc. Try out Google My Business today itself.

   b) Facebook:

When people think of marketing business on a social platform, the first social platform that comes on their mind is Facebook. Because everyone knows that Facebook is the platform where everyone visits to spend their free time, chat with their loved ones, and to share exciting ideas and thoughts. From a business point of view, we need more followers and likes to showcase our business. We can increase Facebook followers and likes organically by posting creative content, content sharing, engage with your followers, and share ideas about your business.

   To reach more audiences in the limited time we have another option is a Facebook paid campaign. There are 3 types of campaigns on Facebook like Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

   c) Instagram: 

   Instagram is a social platform like Facebook but on Instagram people are more likely to share images like their lifestyles. As per the latest survey, Instagram is having more users than Facebook and other social platforms.

   We use Instagram as a marketing platform like Facebook for our clients. We can run the same campaigns on Instagram as on Facebook. To run a campaign on Instagram we have to follow the same steps as we do for the Facebook campaign. Both campaigns are run from the same platform, i.e, Facebook Business Manager. We monitor their insights from Facebook Business Manager. 

   d) Youtube:

   As we know Youtube is a video-driven social platform where people browse to see their favorite/interested videos. YouTube videos are mainly streaming through mobile devices. 

   We can use YouTube as another marketing platform, where we can share our profile videos and get more engagements. We can promote our business/service videos through YouTube organically and can reach more audiences. Youtube also provides paid promotions to reach more audiences.

   e) Twitter:

   Twitter is a platform you can easily promote your research, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in shorter content. Twitter is used by professionals, politicians, students, and the public. We can promote our content or blogs by giving attractive content in the tweet along with the site blog link. So the people who got interested in reading the short content can read the rest of the content by clicking on the link in the tweet. Twitter accepts only 140 characters in a tweet. 

   You get suggestions or feedback about your work or you can give feedback. And also you can reach new audiences. You can also follow other works so that you can keep updating what’s new in your field or surroundings that help your business.

   f)  LinkedIn: 

   LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where we can see professionals, students, businessmen, and job seekers around the world. These people will share their stories, experiences, difficult situations they faced, and job seekers can share their resume…etc. 

   LinkedIn is also the best platform to build brand awareness, generate leads, or drive website traffic. The LinkedIn platform is best for developing B2B businesses around the world. 

   g) Pinterest:

   Pinterest is a social platform unlike other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In Pinterest, users are allowed to share images and videos that they are interested in. Pinterest is also the best platform for promoting businesses by posting images, attractive infographics, and creative videos.   

   Contact us to know more marketing strategies or platforms that suit your business.We will help you to strategize the best marketing techniques for your business that can drive you more sales, the website traffic, and social engagement.